Company: Morrisons

Name: Nick Collard

Job: Group marketing and customer director

“We believed we had the opportunity to gain ‘last mover advantage’ and to learn from the mistakes of others and it feels like that is playing out. We knew Ocado was going to be a great deal and nothing has caused us to rethink that. We are great shopkeepers and combining that with the Ocado technology platform has proved to be a winner.

“By the end of 2014 we will cover over 40% of the UK. We took a decision to do it region-by-region, to build our capacity and build our learning, and make sure we weren’t compromising the customer experience. That approach is bearing fruit.” While it’s taking time it’s absolutely to plan in terms of the rollout. We are coming out top on customer metrics like this online Grocer 33, which puts us in a good place for the long term.

“The next step will be to move into the North West at the end of this year. We already have some service in London and will continue to roll out across the rest of the country in 2015. London will be big for us. We haven’t publicly confirmed a final timescale to roll out across the entire UK but we are absolutely on track.”