It's a measure of the man’s impact on his trade that Bernard Matthews appeared, in all his guises, in every one of the weekend’s papers.

Matthews, whose death at the age of 80 was announced on Friday, was synonymous with an entire industry – in good times and bad.

The turkey entrepreneur leaves behind a multimillion-pound giant of a company and a legacy of fearless entrepreneurship that the poultry industry will find difficult to match.

Yet the passing years saw the avuncular Matthews slip from figurehead to whipping boy, coming to embody consumer concerns over issues such as intensive poultry rearing and GM feed. Those troubles famously reached their nadir with the Turkey Twizzler fiasco.

Yet despite that rough ride from the media (and this year’s bizarre experiment with cheese & onion flavour battered turkey) it’s impossible to think of another farmer whose death could attract such attention. Certainly, few individuals have tied their personal reputation so intrinsically to a brand.

So whatever your take on Matthews the bringer of affordable protein to the masses, you can only admire the man’s passion and commitment over 60 years in the business.

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