We’re a cynical bunch here at Grocer Towers – especially when it comes to the ‘the next big thing’ in marketing.

So it was with trepidation we opened an email from an outfit called Blippar, promising “the world’s first image-recognition/augmented reality marketing platform”.

In fairness, the mention of a partnership with Cadbury gave it some authority – and explained why Caramel bars and a Double Decker landed unannounced on our desks yesterday.

Any doubts were soon quashed. After some faffing to locate an iPhone (other smartphones do the job too, we eventually realised) Blippar delivered the goods. Big time.

Rather than having to muck about with QR codes or web addresses, this software can recognise a branded product simply by pointing your phone’s camera at it. To the childlike delight of even our most jaded hacks, Team Grocer was soon doing its collective best to squash augmented-reality ducks that floated out from beneath the chocolate bar.

Just for a moment, it brought some magic to our scoop-proof news bunker. There’s little doubt in our minds that Blippar really will shake things up – and it’s hard not to imagine brand managers already getting sweaty about the opportunities it may offer.

We expect Blippar to prove itself far more than a blip on the radar over the coming months. But then, as the cynics would surely note, a lot of people said that about QR codes.