Whether or not you like their advice-dispensing dial-a-dinkums, Foster’s has made a least one very Good Call of late.

The lager brand is currently toasting its tie-up with Alan Partridge, whose long-overdue comeback began online last Friday (in association with the Aussie beer).

It’s been quite a while since creator Steve Coogan (temporarily, it turned out) hung up the mic of his most famous character. And considering the success Coogan has had since, including in Hollywood, it was quite a coup for Foster’s to get him back in the metaphorical sports jacket.

On a slightly more modest scale – but still worth an impressive £30,000 – The Grocer this year ran a competition to win a digital marketing strategy. The prize was ultimately scooped by regional supplier From My Farm.

Now we’re asking readers to help choose the best logo for its ‘Bring Back Sundays’ campaign. You can vote here. It only takes a second.

Meanwhile, just for fun, here’s a link to some classic Alan Partridge, infuriating farmers with his unique brand of uninformed offensiveness.

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