And so William Chase plants his big farmer boots into another food and drink category.

Ever hungry for a challenge, the erstwhile potato farmer and founder of both Tyrrells potato chips and Chase Distillery potato vodka is formulating a bid to restart the production of Malvern Water.

With sales of British bottled water brands Buxton, Highland Spring and Nestle’s Pure Life positively gushing, thanks to their homegrown credentials, Malvern is arguably the forgotten brand of the mix. Its owner, Coca-Cola, shut down the Worcestershire-based bottling plant last month, claiming the site was too small to be economically viable and the brand could not compete on price with rival brands.

Enter local hero Chase, who has reportedly hired advisors BDO to approach the soft drinks giant about buying the plant and the Queen’s favourite mineral water brand.

“It needs reinventing,” he cried. “It’s got its pedigree, it’s got its heritage, it just needs to be made a bit more sexy again.”

Coming from the man who was judged to have made the world’s best vodka this year, Chase has something of a Midas touch, albeit muddy from his potato field. And despite the promotion-reliant sales growth, bottled water is lacking in sex appeal.

With Chase’s charm, the smart money’s on Malvern securing a deal at a certain royal wedding next year. It is The Queen’s fave water brand after all. 

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