We’re not afraid to blow our own trumpet now and again at The Grocer – which is just as well considering how often our stories get pinched by the nationals, and how few of them have the grace to credit us.

The Telegraph did this weekend, which was jolly decent of them, but the Mail, the Mirror and pretty much everyone else forgot to mention where they got wind of Cadbury downsizing tins of Roses.

Thanks to some top research by our resident boffins, which included reporters meticulously counting out by hand the number of sweets in a tin, and then eating them, The Grocer identified a 16% cut – or 11 fewer sweets per tin to pass round the tree as the presents get unwrapped.

But while that made for some good headlines about “pruning the Roses” it’s unfair to single out Cadbury’s little-loved American parent, Kraft Foods, for the move. As our story made clear, other chocolate makers got there first – Nestlé last year and Mars the year before that, with their Quality Street and Celebrations brands respectively.

As costs continue to climb, trimming the number of chocs was the only way to keep tins selling for a discounted fiver apiece – a tried and trusted price point that’s easy for families to budget around, even during the hectic festive period.

A Christmas price of £5.75 doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.