The collection of visionaries, moneymen, fake-moustache wranglers and narcotic-dependent starlets that comprise the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences today unveiled their nominations for this year’s Oscars.

Movie buffs can allow themselves a moment of patriotic pride after a whopping 12 nominations went to The King’s Speech – a heart-rending adaptation of Justin King’s famed address to shareholders after those bumper festive sales figures.

Elsewhere there were multiple nods for the reality-bending Inception, starring Greencore’s Patrick Coveney as a daydreamer whose meticulous scheming collapses into a nightmare; True Grit, about how Asda coped with the snow this Christmas by ordering more salt for its car-parks; and The Social Network, the true-life story of how single-minded boy-genius Jason Gissing got the entire planet to do its shopping online.

Talking of high-profile gongs, there’s just two weeks left to book your ticket for The Grocer’s Food & Drink Awards 2011, in association with Cambridge Market Research, Metro and Field Sales Solutions.

The event is being held on Wednesday 9 February at the Wyndham Grand, in London’s swanky Chelsea Harbour, and promises glitz and glamour enough to make Hollywood feel positively frumpy. Proceedings kick off at noon with a drinks reception, followed by lunch and the awards ceremony itself. You can read a shortlist of the finalists right here.

Doubtless nominees are working on their own acceptance speeches right now to make sure the day goes without a hitch – or a stutter.

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