Sometimes you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Heinz copped a whole load of flak over the weekend in the papers for daring to deface a national icon. Judging by the hysterical reaction, you’d think its executives had kidnapped Cilla Black or taped over the only surviving copy of Fawlty Towers’ mythical fourteenth episode.

In fact, the US manufacturer is guilty only of cutting the salt in HP Sauce, from 2.1g per 100g to 1.3g. That’s a drop of about 38%, well ahead of government targets.

Rather than applaud Heinz for taking a lead, however, critics point instead to the company’s American heritage and claim it’s destroying a great British brand – and, by extension, the prized bacon sandwich. But then it was only last week the exact same papers were harping on about how much salt there is in a slice of bread.

As The Grocer recently reported, many leading manufacturers have realised they will struggle to hit salt reduction targets. That’s why the British Retail Consortium and FDF have teamed up to hunt for scientists with the necessary expertise to cut salt further.

Talking of the BRC, the body’s director general, Stephen Roberston, will tomorrow be joining us at Grocer Towers, as he becomes our latest big-name guest editor.

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