The bean counters at Morrisons Bradford HQ will have come into work this morning in a particularly excited mood.

No, not because they had spend Sunday enjoying the trip down memory lane of the 100 greatest drug stings and best ever extra-martial affair exposés, that was the last ever edition of the News of the World.

Rather they will have wanted to get an early sight of the first weekend trading figures for the retailer’s first ever convenience store ­ which opened on Friday in the picturesque Yorkshire town of Ilkley.

On first impressions the numbers should be pretty good ­ the crowds had queued round the block before Friday’s lunchtime opening and the store is understood to have welcomed more than 1,200 customers in its first hour.

The Grocer was among one of a small group of media who were allowed a sneak peak of the store before the doors were flung open to the public. Many local independent retailers and supermarket executives are already donning their fake moustaches in order to slip in unnoticed but for those of you who can’t make it oop North this week , don’t despair - as The Grocer will be delivering its verdict on M-Local in this Saturday’s edition.