This week we’ve been asking users of for their predictions on how Morrisons will fare with its online launch, finally – and perhaps belatedly – announced by Dalton Philips last week.

We asked you whether the Bradford-based grocer has missed the boat by waiting this long to make the move online. Or would it reap the benefit of lessons learned from rivals’ mistakes?

Alternatively, in a slightly more leftfield third option, should Morrisons have bolted on a fully-fledged online offer with an audacious swoop for Ocado?

So far, only 14% favour the Ocado option, which perhaps isn’t that surprising considering the cultural and demographic mismatch between the two (and how long it took Morrisons to bed down the Safeway tie-up).

But a very healthy majority believes Morrisons is well placed to make a go of things, with just over 60% thinking it’ll be able to pick the best bits from Tesco Direct and the others.

That was certainly the view of Adam Leyland, The Grocer’s editor, who noted in a recent leader that being first to market is no guarantee of lasting success.

This Saturday marks our latest Green Issue, covering all things environmental in our industry. The new poll will gauge your views on another subject tacked in a recent leader: the bottle deposit scheme put forward last week by noted eco-warrior Bill Bryson.

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