Every week we have a Hot Topic on page three of The Grocer. You know the sort of thing – a big story; perhaps something that’s been in the national papers. But maybe that definition isn’t so straightforward.

The Grocer doesn’t have time to flag up every one of our stories that gets taken up by the nationals (usually uncredited). But it’s worth noting just how old some of the stories in tomorrow’s fish and chips wrappers really are.

Today comes the shock revelation that some chocolate bars are – wait for it – getting smaller. The reports were spurred by the news that Kraftbury is whipping two squares off a bar of Dairy Milk, while fiendishly keeping the price the same.

Admittedly, you can see how this will add to some readers’ daily outrage quotient. But it’s no surprise to the industry – and certainly not to readers of The Grocer, which has been reporting on this sort of thing for a couple of years.

Rather than portion reduction, delegates at our Food & Health Debate – held yesterday, with health secretary Andrew Lansley the keynote speaker, and to be broadcast on Radio 4 later this month – were talking more about reformulation and labelling. And Lansley outlined the coalition government's thinking on public health and social 'nudging'.

We’ll have a report on that in Saturday’s edition. Or you could read about it in the national papers in, ooh, about six months’ time.

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