Remembrance Day always carries mixed emotions – gratitude, pride and, for those to have lost relatives in conflict, immense sadness.

Just how high passions run was demonstrated by the furore over a Lidl store that was scheduled to open today. Accusations of insensitivity relate to the fact that the chain is German.

If the logic there is hard to fathom, it’s rather easier to see why Lidl has moved to avoid unnecessary controversy and postponed the opening until tomorrow.

More worrying are suggestions the store was scheduled to open at 11am – just as the two minutes’ silence was beginning. An oversight like that would have represented a pretty spectacular level of crassness for any retailer, regardless of where its head office is sited.

More positively, Red Lion Foods – the food brand that gives its earnings to former servicemen, women and their families – has upped its presence on supermarket shelves. It now has listings with Waitrose and Morrisons, to go with existing supply deals with the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and The Co-op.

Speaking to The Grocer last month, Red Lion boss Andrew Gidden said the brand was targeting sales of £80m a year by May 2012. That would, he said, equate to donations of £30m to the likes of Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion.

Today, more than any other, we do well to remember there’s more to life than simply turning a profit.

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