Today marks the official end of the Food Standards Agency as we knew it. (Dry your eyes, eh?)

The changes in full are outlined on the body’s website here, confirming the coalition’s plans to hand the nutritional brief back to the Department of Health and, within that, the hot potato that is front-of-pack labelling.

The FSA keeps things like food safety and keeping clones in the labs. Food standards, in other words.

The big day has gone largely unnoticed on Fleet Street, despite how much the papers like to talk about labelling.

A typically measured piece in today’s Daily Mail purports to explain “Why you should NEVER trust the labels on your food”. If you feel like getting angry about something (albeit perhaps not the same thing they want you to get mad it), click here.

The article foams at the metaphorical mouth with revelations about how sugar-free products sometimes contain sweeteners; words like ‘real’ and ‘natural’ are a bit ambiguous; and that it pays to read the label if you’re on a diet.

Of course, the European Union is right now working hand in hand with the industry with a view to outlawing every conceivable spurious claim.

But if there’s one thing that gets a worse press than the food trade, it’s the EU.

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