Tulip feeds demand for organic products Tulip International, the manufacturing subsidiary of Danish Crown, has secured enough organic pigmeat to supply a range of organic bacon products to selected UK retailers. Tulip is preparing to launch organic bacon joints and gammon steaks. Danepak's organic rashers are priced aggressively at £3.29 for 220g of smoked or green back rashers or £2.29 for 170g unsmoked streaky. For Tulip, however, there is a price to pay for this success. While Tulip can pick and choose what it wants to buy from parent company Danish Crown for curing its conventional range, this is not as simple as it is with more costly organic carcases. While there is a ready market for the 10kg which goes to make back bacon rashers, Tulip is also committed to helping the group to balance the dearer organic carcases by using more components. "There's a strong demand for organic bacon in the UK and we're planning to expand the range with organic bacon joints, steaks and hams," says Tulip International sales and marketing director Malcolm Parkinson. Danish Crown hopes this will also help to stimulate stronger supplies of clean organic pigs. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}