Swedish Match continues to pioneer the instant barbecuing experience with the trial of its new convenient barbecue product this summer. Aimed at multiples, convenience stores and forecourts, the Bryant & May Grill Bag is a compact 1.4kg bag containing specially impregnated charcoal briquettes which the company claims performs better than lumpwood charcoal. By simply lighting the bag, and leaving for 20 minutes before cooking, a bed of glowing charcoal is formed without dust or unpleasant smells. The bag will burn for approximately 90 minutes and is sufficient for up to eight people. Brand manager Yetunde Ige says: "With the continued year on year growth of the barbecue market, we believe the new product will be well received by consumers. "The Grill Bag is convenient, hassle free and particularly suitable for the novice barbecue user, as it's guaranteed to light. "It is scheduled for a limited trial from May and we're confident it will represent a significant development in the instant lighting sector of the barbecue market. "We've also invested in merchandising which includes a stand specially designed to hold firestarters, fire logs and Grill Bags. This is being trialled in Shell forecourts." The new product complements the Bryant & May range of firestarters and matches. Designed like giant match, the firestarters are made from wax and wood and can be used with any materials for making fires. These too are odourless and can be lit by striking the side of the container which looks like a matchbox. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}