Parents demand branded products Gone are the days when children's lunchboxes consisted of home-made sandwiches, a few biscuits and a piece of fruit. Increasingly they ­ and their parents ­ expect and want the convenience and assurance of branded products. Since introducing packed lunches at 235 West Sussex primary schools last September, leading contract caterer Sodexho says the demand for branded products has come across very strongly in feedback. "Parents see it as an assurance that the products are of good quality and the children want products with which they are familiar," says Sodexho. "As a result, we now provide products such as KP Crisps, Five Alive drinks and Rocky bars." Yoplait Dairy Crest has played a key role in creating this demand by bringing convenience, fun and portability to yogurts and fromage frais with its tube and pouch format Petit Filous Frubes, Wildlife Yo To Go and Choobs. Marketing controller Jackie Creasy says these products have become core lunchbox items, with the portable sector in strong growth ­ it is led by Frubes, which achieved 24% value and volume growth last year. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}