Salad cream on chips, pizza and pasta? You may wince, but this is the kind of usage Heinz has been promoting this year to reposition its icon brand and reach a younger audience. "We're after late teens and young adults, and this is how they eat Salad Cream ­ as a sauce to spice up fast food. They don't eat conventional salads," explains md Robin Walker of Heinz European Sauces. Salad Cream has had a complete makeover this year with new bottles, packaging and price upgrade, plus a £10m media campaign to target the young. The revamp follows last year's reprieve for the brand, when rumours abounded it was about to be withdrawn. "Salad Cream was going nowhere. Its market was in decline," says Walker. "It was a choice between cutting our losses and pulling out or doing something original and different to put the market back into growth." So how has it done? "I'm holding fire till I have a full year's figures, but we've achieved signfiicant value growth and added new young consumers," says Walker. Asda condiments buyer Guy Gordon is less optimistic. "Our cash sales are up, but then Heinz has doubled the price. We now sell Salad Cream at 85p for 265g. Volume hasn't increased. Our own brand has done very well out of all the promotional activity. We sell 285g for 35p and it's a big market for us." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}