A job with Costco is a job for life, claims the US wholesaler. Its employees can hardly argue. Employee retention sits at 94.4% and despite the recession, it has never made a single redundancy.

Over 90% of management vacancies are filled by internal candidates and of the 79 management vacancies created in 2013, they all came from internal positions.

Costco also highlights that it is a firm believer in progression through the ranks, pointing out that 76% of its management started out as hourly paid staff.

It also prides itself on its flexible attitude towards the practical challenges facing some of its female employees, such as the need for flexible working hours, back-to-work schemes and childcare vouchers.

“Costco is the sum of its parts,” CEO Craig Jelinek told the 2013 Managers Conference. “Lead by example, stay focused, and, most importantly, enjoy your work.”