When every little drop counts BRL Hardy Europe Ltd Hardy House 140 High St Esher Surrey KT10 9QJ Tel: 01372 473000 Fax: 01372 473100 KEY CONTACTS Chief executive Christopher Carson Trading director Len Bodill Marketing manager Bryonie Grieveson Brand manager, Banrock Station Kate Blazey PR Brett Fleming KEY BRANDS · Hardys · Banrock Station · Leasingham · Reynella · Houghton · Barossa Valley Estates With no fewer than seven Australian labels among the top 10 wine brands, Australia has never been more popular with the UK consumer, says Bryonie Grieveson, marketing manager at BRL Hardy Europe. "As a country it has a very positive image and Australian wines have an enviable reputation for delivering unbeatable value for money, consistency and quality in a fruit driven, easy drinking style which is ideally suited to the UK palate," she says. "The Hardys brand has achieved enormous success over the last five years, having shown at least 500% growth, but by far the fastest growing brand within our Australian portfolio is winner of the 1999 White Wine of the Year, Banrock Station." Sitting at number 13 in the light wine brand table, it is currently enjoying the second fastest growth of any drinks brand in the UK with an annual increase of 195%. "Banrock Station is typical of the Australian style that UK consumers come back to again and again," says brand manager, Kate Blazey. "Investment in vineyard and winemaking technology enables us to continually improve on a successful formula." It also has a unique point of difference. "In an increasingly competitive marketplace it is vital for brands to have a point of difference and to have added value. Banrock Station delivers on both these counts," says Blazey. More than a vineyard What sets Banrock Station apart is a link to the environment through Wetland Conservation partnerships worldwide. A 4,500-acre site in the heart of South Australia's winemaking region, only one sixth of Banrock Station is planted with vines. Since the property was purchased in 1990, a partnership with conservation organisations in Australia has allowed the acreage around the vines to revert to native wetland habitat through an award-winning conservation programme. The site now includes a visitor centre and walking trails, and employs the only environmental biologist operating in the wine industry ­ Wine & Wetland Centre manager, Tony Sharley. The success of the project has been developed across Australia and now part proceeds from all sales of Banrock Station wines are used to sponsor wetland conservation projects in every country where the wines are sold. In the UK, a donation is made from every sale to the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, one of the UK's largest wildlife charities, founded in 1948 by the artist and naturalist, the late Sir Peter Scott. The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust has 75,000 members and nine visitor centres around the UK, attracting 750,000 visitors a year. Taking a long-term view "We are working to long-term partnerships with our consumers, our customers and our conservation partners," says Kate Blazey. "Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and if they can feel they can make a difference, however small, it's an added value to their purchase decision. The sponsorship also gives value to the retailer and benefits a worthy cause." As more wine brands battle for share of voice and share of the consumer spend, advertising is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix with several of the larger brands investing heavily above the line. A £0.5m UK consumer media campaign for Banrock Station, including national cinema and press advertising and London Underground advertising linked to the new WWT Centre opened in Barnes and a programme of consumer events hosted by Tony Sharley is scheduled to promote the brand from September onwards. "Our aim is to raise awareness of Banrock station even higher through a co-ordinated campaign including in-store support activity. Investment in the brand and the market is key, and part of our global strategy to build Banrock Station as the largest wine brand in the world," says Blazey. {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}