Grants of St James's Wines Whitchurch Lane Whitchurch Bristol BS14 0JZ Tel: 01275 836100 Key contacts Managing director John Mills Off Sales director Nick Day Marketing director Steve Holt Marketing manager Clare Griffiths Key brands Stowells of Chelsea has 25 styles from 10 countries. Stowells of Chelsea is available in 25cl bottles, 75cl bottles, 3ltr wine boxes and 10ltr wine boxes. The current bountiful supply of New World wines has put pressure on the established players to compete ­ which to many in the industry has led to interesting times. Stowells of Chelsea, the UK's number one wine brand from Grants of St James's Wines, has had a fantastic year. Given the breadth of the range offered by Stowells it is uniquely placed to understand what is happening in the branded wine market. Clare Griffiths, marketing manager for Stowells of Chelsea commented: "It is true that New World wines are increasingly popular and that this has prompted French producers and others to respond. But the real issue is not one of New World versus Old World, it is about who is doing most to meet and exceed consumer expectations." The hard evidence supports what Griffiths says. In the year to May, Stowells of Chelsea sold over three million nine litre cases ­ a first for any brand in the UK. Understanding consumers Griffiths says: "Stowells has a fantastic track record of success based on our understanding of consumer preferences and our ability to provide consistently high quality wines." To illustrate the point, the introduction of 75cl bottles into the Stowells range has been a spectacular success. Griffiths is jubilant: "Sales are ahead of our expectations and I'm proud to say it has been achieved at a time when we have continued to grow our wine in box business." Stowells is currently outperforming a growing market by 12%. Griffiths again: "Stowells demonstrates that brands have a major role to play in the wine market but you cannot expect success just by branding a wine. For a wine brand to be successful it relies fundamentally on three things: good quality, a clear and consistent proposition and excellent communication of the brand." The proposition for Stowells is wines from around the world' allowing consumers to try different countries of origin and styles, knowing that they can be confident of a consistent and high quality wine from a trusted brand. It is this reassurance that the UK consumer needs. Griffiths explains: "Many consumers are still unsure about wine. Stowells of Chelsea is a quality mark and its extensive range encourages trial of new varieties." Stowells of Chelsea occupies a unique position as a brand that offers both New and Old World wines. The Stowells of Chelsea range currently has 25 styles from 10 countries, with new styles planned for this year. In the recent International Wine Challenge 2001, eight of the Stowells range received awards, including a prestigious silver medal for the Chardonnay Colombard from California. Brand communication Stowells of Chelsea is very active in communicating the brand proposition with consumers. While most advertising tends to focus on the country or region of origin, or the wine-making process itself, Stowells of Chelsea has highlighted the everyday drinking occasions when wine is enjoyed. Griffiths says: "Our research tells us that this approach has connected with consumers exceptionally well." The present advertising campaign represents a £1.5m media spend on Stowells of Chelsea and is part of a total package of £9m to support the brand this year. Griffiths explains: "We don't intend to let up. This year we will continue to develop the range. We will deliver more innovation and find new ways to communicate the proposition with consumers." {{Z SUPPLEMENTS }}