Milk is totemic, polemic, political. Cream is synonymous with strawberries, trifles, life’s little luxuries.

And yet, last month, it was actually cream - not milk - that was responsible for #sosdairy, as processors tried to force milk price cuts on farmers, citing poorer returns from bulked cream, the price of which had crashed.

After a media frenzy processors scrapped the cuts and supermarkets and discounters announced additional payments to farmers, to alleviate the pain dairy farmers were feeling from rising production costs.

Now, with the commodity price of cream set to head north, due to tighter supply, it is not inconceivable that dairy farmers could be looking at much better prices in the months ahead.

How quickly retailers seek to claw back the money they have paid out will be a true test of their support for British farming, as farmers still face rising production costs.

Retailers now have a chance to show shoppers and their harshest critics, the farmers, that they cannot be accused of creaming off the profits.