It’s been a busy week for David Milner.

After accompanying the PM on a visit to Russia on Monday a trade mission that saw the CEO of Tyrrells crisps rubbing shoulders with the great and the good of British industry, Milner appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday morning to talk about his success in flogging premium crisps to Russians at £5 a bag, before returning to complete the final leg of an 830-mile charity bike from Switzerland to Norfolk ready for a relaxing weekend.

But the most triumphant return of all, will surely come next week, when Tyrrells crisps return to the shelves of Tesco after a five-year hiatus.

The circumstances in which the premium crisps were pulled after Tyrrells’ then owner Will Chase threatened to sue Tesco for stocking the crisps using grey market sources attracted countless column inches, and arguably contributed to its success at the time, as its then owner William Chase was regarded as a hero for standing up to Tesco.

After battling for 18 months to overcome Tesco’s understandable frostiness, however, Milner can return to the UK on even better terms.