The absence of a hot and sunny summer did not assist in growing the ice cream market as a whole, but individual brands put in a strong performance, particularly in the impulse market following the new rules on freezer exclusivity. Birds Eye Wall's ran aggressive promotional activity this year. Magnum, already market leader in 1999 with sales of around £61m, has grown a further £16m in the year to date. Mars ice cream bars have declined slightly although whether this has been a direct result of the fortunes of Magnum is a moot point. In the meantime, Mars has not been idle in NPD and has launched into the cones market with M&M's cones. With Wall's Cornetto in decline, it could be the right time to push a different type of cone at a different consumer. On the fruit refreshment front, Wall's Solero appears to have stolen share from Mars Starburst while Rowntrees Fruit Pastil has grown by 40%. Häagen-Dazs has been the driving force in the luxury tubs sector but with a 5.8% decline in sales Wall's Carte D'Or has now overtaken it (with 57% growth) while Ben & Jerry's grew 52%. {{MARKETING }}