6 - Dave Lewis

Tesco CEO 

Brand: 71% Offline: 60% Online: 94%

Dave Lewis

Consumers couldn’t care less about sales, shareholders or accounting scandals. Twenty eight per cent of cash spent on groceries in the UK still goes through Tesco tills, which gives the supermarket huge influence (and more Google mentions than any other entrant in our Top 20) .

It may not be as sophisticated in its digital content as rival Asda, according to Chris Moon, but it still boasts “very active social platforms and large advertising budgets with highly visible campaigns” that hold sway over what Brits put in their trolley.

Since taking over the retailer in 2014, Lewis hasn’t been afraid to set the agenda either. In May 2015 the grocer earned praise for being the first grocer to publish figures on food waste and has since led the way on redistribution, prompting rivals to follow suit. 

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