TV chef and presenter Alan Coxon is delving back into history with vinegars and spices that use recipes created in medieval England and by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.
Coxon, who regularly appears on cookery programmes and who owns food company Coxon’s Kitchen, is launching three vinegars - Greek, Roman and Ale-Gar, a medieval old English recipe. The products are similar to Balsamic vinegar and will be positioned as an alternative to be used in cooking or as a salad dressing.
They come in 300ml glass bottles with an rsp of £5 and also in a gift pack of three.
Two spice blends using ingredients from Roman and Greek recipes are also being launched, packed in 280g zip-sealed TetraPak bags. All products are likely to be on multiples’ shelves by next spring.
“I am passionate about historical food,” said Coxon. “It is going back to go forward.
“Many dishes we see today were created in Greek and Roman times.”