The on-demand coffee machines are building on the café culture, which is rife in the UK. They link into the whole café culture and people enjoying the experience at home. Pods is the fastest-growing area in this category. The challenge is making sure there's enough availability of the pods.

We work with major customers on category management and help them maximise sales and profits. If something new is doing well, it needs to be developed to capitalise on the growth of the market. At the same time, you can't lose sight of such a huge market such as regular coffee - it's a question of balancing it all together. And grocers are efficient at taking up and recognising opportunities when new products develop.

When we're talking to retailers about display, there are simple techniques. Use the major products as signposts and beacons, for example use premium Nescafé Gold Blend as a signpost for that category by putting it in the centre. It draws the shopper into the category. Nescafé Original can be signposted with a big red mug - use it as a focal point for that category.