Value is flat in the category and volume is in slight decline so these are the challenges that companies face. However, it is still a huge market and there is great opportunity to boost sales.

Every retailer, no matter what size, needs to work to increase its share of the confectionery market. One issue is that retailers continue to struggle for space in store and, with more non-food items being stocked, it will be a struggle for confectionery to maintain its size in store. This poses a big challenge for all players in the market.

In 2006, the Masterfoods strategy has been simple - identify optimal ranging, help retailers manage stock availability and create impactful, retailer-friendly displays.

The fact that Christmas Day 2005 fell on a Sunday effectively extended trading and contributed to some of last year's growth.

In 2006 it falls on a Monday, which brings an even stronger opportunity with a full weekend trading available for retailers to capitalise on.