An unusually named energising drink aims to perk up clubbers with a more natural, healthy boost.

Pussy is made from white grape, lime juice with grenadilla (passion fruit) and lychee flavouring. It also contains herbs such as guarana, sarsaparilla, schizandra, ginkgo biloba and Siberian ginseng, as well as milk thistle, known to defend the liver from alcoholic toxins. Jonnie Shearer, CEO and founder of Pussy Drinks, said it had taken two years of research, lots of travelling and 100 different combination to find the right mix. "I wanted to produce a drink that could boost energy levels without the negative effects of synthetic caffeine and taurine," said Shearer.

He said the challenge was to replace additives with 100% natural ingredients while giving the drink a unique taste. "The next challenge is to make people aware of it and that is where our rather unique name comes into its own."

The stylish 250ml cans are being sold in clubs in central London but will be launched in retail this year.