Charles Wilson


Charles Wilson

CEO, Booker

Last ranked: 8

Snapping up Budgens and Londis from rival Musgrave for £40m in September looks like another savvy move for Wilson, adding 2,000 stores to his empire and an extra £1m in sales. Shares soared to a record high of 187p. And his fascias continue to perform well, with Premier and Family Shopper growing sales and store estates.

Booker Wholesale (and its Makro bolt on) isn’t finding conditions so easy, though. A combination of deflation, the display ban (tobacco sales fell 6.9%) and low demand, resulted in a 3.1% dip in sales. Overall sales were up 10.5%, but with another acquisition to integrate, Wilson has to prove himself all over again.

The Grocer's Power List 2016 reflects a sector in upheaval