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Dame Sally Davies

Chief medical officer

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Health is linked with the food and drink industry on a daily basis, whether it’s controversy over sugar, salt, fat or booze. At the forefront of the health lobby is Dame Sally Davies (dubbed ‘nanny-in-chief’ by the Daily Mail) who ramped up the pressure on the alcoholic drinks industry with a new report declaring: “There is no safe level of drinking.” Naturally this sparked more debate, and Davies was inevitably rounded on by critics. Yet the woman voted the sixth most powerful in Britain by the BBC in 2013 is unlikely to be put off her stride. Her attitude towards alcohol is matched by her thoughts on obesity. She’s keen on the sugar tax, telling Radio 4’s Today programme that although she believed “reformulation, resizing, preventing promotions and changing advertising” was the way forward, should the industry fail to respond, then “we are going to have to have a sugar tax”. And she means it.

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