Dry and immersion cured bacon and ham, cured tongue, jellied veal and brisket are among products currently lined up for derogation from EC nitrate and nitrite limits.
Member states are expected to submit further meat products for derogation consideration, before a EC working group meets later this month. The proposals to amend an existing directive on additives will go before the European Parliament for a first reading on October 25.
Ireland, meanwhile, has followed the UK’s lead in coordinating a national salt reduction plan.
Among the reduction targets set by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland are bringing cured and processed meat products below an initial benchmark by the end of the current year including 1.3g/100g for bacon, 0.99g/100g for cooked ham and 1.08g/100g for gammon steaks.
Glanbia Meats, Dawn Farm Foods and Dawn Pork and Bacon, Kepak Convenience Foods, Kerry Foods and Galtee are committed to the targets.