Tea, the UK's beloved beverage, is going through an invigorating period of change as consumers' drinking habits become increasingly diverse.

Fuelled by peoples' growing exotic tastes and desire for healthier products, your cup of tea is no longer defined by

how many sugars you have or how milky it is. Instead, friends and colleagues are more likely to ask whether you prefer

green, decaffeinated or herbal.

Of course, the majority of tea drunk in the UK remains black tea. However, the recent period of declining volumes and commoditisation of black tea as it gets caught in the crossfire

of price wars has been of some concern.

Adding value back into the black tea category is high on our agenda. We can work to achieve this through educating consumers about the great health qualities of black tea - such as the fact that it contributes to daily fluid intake and is a rich source of antioxidants. We also need to focus more closely on the needs of customers.