Hot chocolate is a great market sector and has grown substantially in the past year, which is encouraging for our forthcoming Galaxy Hot Chocolate Bliss product.

Kids have been largely ignored as a specific target group with some minor and largely unsuccessful exceptions. With the forthcoming changes in legislation for schools and what can

and can't be served to young children, there may be a new niche for a low-calorie healthier chocolate product.

Hot chocolate is an influence in the overall hot beverages category. The increasing emergence of frappés and flavoured coffees has resulted in something of a 'merging' of the hot beverage category. This is a positive trend because it provides many people who are not typical tea or coffee drinkers with a strong alternative and greater choice on fixture.

I believe that hot chocolate and frappés have arguably livened up the whole hot beverages category through innovation and promotion. It is key for this sector to continue with this focus on packaging and product quality.