The character pasta market has had a hard time of late with a volume drop of 13% this year, which can be directly attributed to a rise of negative publicity and criticism for the poor nutritional value of the food.

The reality is that both Crosse & Blackwell and Heinz have been improving the health credentials of their products. The Crosse & Blackwell range has very low salt, sugar and fat levels, uses wholewheat pasta and contains no artificial ingredients.

This honest labelling system on Crosse & Blackwell products ensures that detailed nutritional information is communicated and the task now is to get the message across to mums that character pasta is a wholesome food and encourage them to purchase in the sector once again.

Character pasta is of course about the characters themselves and the key is to keep the range fresh with a balance of properties, with long-term sustainability such as The Simpsons and hot new properties such as Bratz.