Crisps account for 43% of total category value and are growing slightly behind the market at 3%. Savoury snacks are growing in line with the category (4%) and nuts are out-performing the category (8%). The fastest growing sector this year is sharing bagged snacks particularly among the core crisps and snacks area. Among these larger pack sizes the good performers are the more premium products such as Kettle Chips, Tesco and M&S Hand Cooked Chips, JS Taste the Difference and also the recent launch of Walkers Sensations. The diversity of flavours within this sector gives consumers more choice than ever before. The multiples value share of the category has increased in the latest year. Tesco, the lead retailer, has increased its value share along with JS and Morrisons. Safeway, Asda and Somerfield Group are behind the market growth. The bagged snacks category follows the trend of total packaged grocery with a general decline through the impulse outlets driven partly by convenience store closures. The leading brand within the category is Walkers Regular Crisps. They have enjoyed strong growth again and maintained their lead on Pringles Regular, the number two brand. Nuts is dominated by own label yet KP standard peanuts remain the leading brand by far and is growing in the latest year. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}