Retailers have had varying fortunes in the last year. Tesco is still the market leader and has performed well with sales up 6%. Morrisons and Waitrose have also shown value growth over the last 12 months but apart from Asda, whose sales are static, the rest of the top six retailers are all in decline. Butter is still the most important sector with a 37% value share and is declining at the same rate as the market. The only buoyant sector is low fat spreads, which is up 16% in value terms (driven by Flora Pro-activ), evidence that health is still a key factor for many consumers in this market. Manufacturers are moving towards considering the butter sector in two distinct parts ­ traditional block butters and their spreadable counterparts. Spreadable butters now hold a 28% value share of the butter sector and sales have grown 33% since last year, indicating that, increasingly, consumers are making purchasing choices on the basis of convenience as well as taste. An emerging trend has been the advent of olive oil based products across all sectors. Olivio is the dominant brand in this product group with a 54% value share. However, many retailers have at least one own label olive product. Increased consumer interest, advertising and NPD in this area have led to a greater availability of olive products and a 30% value growth. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}