Morrisons comes in the cheapest and also has the best potato buy Three full baskets were checked in this week, but Morrisons at Killingworth had the cheapest. At £39.15, it was 97p less than Sainsbury, Beeston, and £2.36 less than Waitrose, St Neots. Ten out of stocks from spaghetti to Stella Artois also included, for the second week running, no semi skimmed milk for our Welsh shopper. At Asda, Hulme, our eagle eyed shopper spotted the chain's new Great Value own label range in the frozen food section with a promise of "more to come". Countries of origin on this store's fresh produce were non existent apart from tomatoes still in their boxes. In the south west, Asda scored low quality marks for blocked aisles compounded by a leaky fridge and freezer with paper towels around it trying to stem the flow. A 20p price hike on Andrex was noted at Safeway among its specials which included frozen chicken at £1.04/ 1.4kg and half price McVitie's chocolate Homewheat. Mushrooms fell in price at Asda, Tesco and Waitrose, but the latter had the best buy at 90p/454g. Morrisons had the best potato buy at 17p/454g. At Somerfield, Bordon, our shopper unknowingly got a bargain when bacon went through the checkout without being scanned. {{GROCER 33 }}