The confectionery market is doing two things. There are more premium products and more dark products and we will continue to see growth in both these sectors.

In our business, countline chocolate bars are selling well. There was a quiet period in August but it is now coming back very strongly as we move towards Christmas.

Health is clearly having an impact on the market. More companies are using natural colours and flavours. They sound healthier but there is no compromise on taste.

People are working on getting sugar-free to taste like normal confectionery. If they can successfully do this it will fly off the shelves, but at the moment consumers don't like it.

In my view, sugar-free has plateaued. People ?want to buy

it ?but it is not growing. I'm not convinced that low sugar

tastes right. I'm not saying ?people won't buy it but we

haven't seen much demand. It is certainly not a product for independent retailers.