The world's first 100% organic sustainable cod arrives on Tesco shelves on May 29.
The No Catch Just Cod brand is supplied by Johnson Seafarms of Shetland.
In the next three years, the company's organic cod production will increase to two million fish per annum, equivalent to 8,000 tonnes of fish or some 3% of UK cod consumption.
No Catch cod is said to have a firmer, whiter flake, "superior to that found in wild cod".
The fresh product will be on shelf within 48 hours of leaving the water. Portions come in convenient prepacks and will initially be available in 160 Tesco stores. The fish is sent by ferry from Shetland to Aberdeen and then distributed by road.
Organic fish farming controls cover stocking densities, feed quality and the use of chemicals to treat disease.
Karol Rzepkowski, MD, said: "We are responding to a growing demand for high quality food, which is sustainable and environmentally responsible.
"We are committed to developing viable, sustainable seafood. Given the issues of overfishing and pollution, it is vital we look to organic, sustainable sources of fish."
Sean McCurley, category manager, meat, fish and poultry at Tesco, said: "We are delighted to support this innovative and environmentally responsible brand, which will go towards satisfying our growing customer demand for sustainable sea fish."
Johnson's development has been supported by £21m of venture capital from European Acquisition Capital.