According to government figures, one in five children eat no fruit in a week and three in five eat no leafy green vegetables. While government wants consumers to eat more fruit and vegetables, on current trends health targets will only be met in 2047. And even if fruit targets were met, the import bill would merely rise. Food From Britain figures show that fruit and veg imports account for over 40% of the current total food trade gap. This is ludicrous. We need more horticulture, less dairy culture. Meanwhile the messages on eating are powerfully directed to sweet, fatty foods. The food industry spends £500m a year on advertising. Of this, in 2000, £70m went on biscuits, cakes and dairy products but only £3.5m on fruit. Sauces were plugged by £40m and crisps and snacks by £34m but vegetables by only £13m. How can we reverse this imbalance? It's partly a matter of culture. Years of industrial food and social fragmentation have laid down a food culture which is less than desirable from a health perspective. Obesity is rising. Food skills are weakening. This is not blame the victim' time, but more recognise our history' time. Seen against evolution itself, our physiology is inappropriate for the diet and (relative) lack of exercise we now exist with. With hypermarkets awash with choice, aren't the messages distorting the market? {{NEWS }}