n On average, nearly three billion apples are eaten in a year.
n Apples account for approximately 40% of our fruit consumption
n The average person consumes about 50 apples per year, or about once a week
n Compared to other foods, females 45+ are most likely to consume apples. They account for nearly a third of all apples consumed in the home
n Those least likely to consume apples are children aged 11-16 and males aged 17-24
n Over 30% of lunch boxes contain an apple, making this the most popular occasion for this fruit
n About a fifth of apples are consumed at lunch and another fifth are consumed as snacks
n 74% of apples are consumed with a drink, and 15% are eaten with biscuits
n The number of apples consumed with a hot drink has declined by 8%, while the number consumed with a cold drink has increased by 8%
n Apples consumed with fromage frais have increased by 9% since 2000