n More than three billion bananas are eaten a year
n Bananas account for nearly 30% of all fresh fruit consumed, but consumption has remained relatively flat over the last four years
n Two-thirds of all British households eat bananas during an average two weeks
n Consumers over 45 consume 56% of bananas compared with 46% of all food
n Among younger consumers, bananas are more likely to be consumed than other fresh fruit. The 0-5s consume 7% and 25-44s consume 24% of bananas compared with 6% and 22% of all fresh fruit
n 27% of bananas are consumed at breakfast in home; a further 24% are carried out of the home
n Growing occasions for bananas are in-home snacks and carried out, up 7% and 5% year-on-year respectively
n Less fresh fruit consumption takes place at the weekend, 21% of fresh fruit compared with 26% of all consumption. Bananas follow the pattern of fresh fruit
n 42% of bananas are consumed with bread, 27% with sandwiches. This compares with 25% of all fresh fruit