n 213 million servings of canned salmon are eaten in a year. Canned salmon accounts for approximately one-fifth of all canned fish consumption
n 9% of all individuals consume canned salmon compared with 25% eating canned tuna
n Canned salmon has declined by 22% in the last five years while canned tuna has grown by 6%
n The market is extremely reliant on the older population. In terms of volume, females aged 65+ account for the highest consumption of canned salmon, consuming 25%
n The under-45 age groups all under-consume canned salmon, particularly children, who consume 7%
n The most popular occasion for canned salmon consumption is lunch and evening meals in the home, 34% and 28% respectively
n Although canned salmon has declined 11% during the last five years, it has seen a growth of 14% in the lunchbox and 8% at the evening meal
n Only 8% of canned salmon is consumed hot but this has grown by 20% during the last five years. 15% of hot canned salmon is eaten by children