619 million servings of fresh fish were consumed from June 2001 to May 2002. In the long term, fresh fish has decline by 9% since 1997, short term the fall has been 8% since 2000. Two thirds of fresh fish are consumed by the 45-plus age group. Of this, 20% is consumed by women over 65. Compared to total food consumption, men aged 65-plus are 54% more likely to consume fresh fish. Those least likely to consume fresh fish are children up to the age of five. Under-16s account for 7% of all fresh fish consumption. Fresh fish is eaten mostly as an evening meal: 58% is eaten at this meal occasion, a decline of 3% n Tea time seems to be the meal occasion which is driving the decline of fresh fish. There has been a decline of 29% at this occasion. The traditional day is Friday. However, compared with 1997, fresh fish has declined by 18%, although it still remains the most popular day for fresh fish with 22% eaten {{MARKET EDGE }}