Oranges are consumed at 458 million household meal occasions in a year. Total consumption of oranges has declined 6% compared with 2000
Just under half of all oranges eaten in the home or carried out of the home are eaten by women
There is a distinctly older age profile among consumers of oranges. In fact, 65% of oranges are eaten by those aged over 45
Oranges are predominantly eaten as a snack or as part of the lunchbox occasion. 28% of oranges are consumed as a snack whereas one fifth of all oranges are carried out of the home
16% of oranges are eaten at breakfast, 18% are eaten at lunchtime, 12% are eaten at the evening meal and only 5% are eaten at tea
80% of Oranges are eaten during the week whereas 74% of total food is eaten during the week, indicating that people over-index on their weekday consumption of oranges compared with total foods
Monday is the most popular day when oranges are consumed (17%), whereas only 21% are eaten on Saturdays and Sundays