Innocent Drinks and McDonald's. It's hard to imagine two brands with more polar reputations. One says cute, healthy, green, niche, premium, ethical. The other is a high-fat, salt-sugar fest, an

aggressive, multinational, mass-manufacturer of junk food that's stripped the Amazon rainforests and... well, you know the score. So the news McDonald's will be selling Innocent smoothies will come as a shock in certain quarters and may even lead to a backlash. A loss of innocence, as it were.

I think the move should be welcomed, however. McDonald's is facing huge legislative pressure from the government, and its current position is at complete odds with healthy eating trends. Previous attempts to produce salads were slated. Its little bags of fruit are flops. But the addition of Innocent smoothies will have obvious appeal to parents and children alike. Better to cram in some fruit and fibre with the burgers and fries than to offer only nutrient-free diet drinks (which is another option). Come to think of it, when is Innocent going to start selling its smoothies in pubs?