So Jamie Oliver thinks parents who give their kids fizzy drinks and crisps are "arseholes" and "tossers"? That's a pretty damning indictment of my parents, probably yours, and probably those of the bloke next to you at the moment. In fact, if true, it means that most parents in this country are absolute arseholes.

Thank heavens Sainsbury's boss Justin King had the courage to speak out against the man who helped put his company back on the right track. Most would have understood if he had ducked the issue, but King's decision to write a column in The Guardian criticising what Oliver will say in Monday's television programme has brought at least a modicum of common sense back into the debate about children's nutrition.

We often hear people mourning the loss of innocence among today's children. So why do self-styled health gurus such as the insufferable Oliver want to stop our children eating treats?

Aren't fizzy pop, sweets and crisps part of the rich tapestry of childhood? From where I'm standing, I can only see one tosser - and it ain't my mum.