Cadbury Schweppes says it was inspired to do its bit for the environment by the horrific floods in New Orleans nearly two years ago.

Ironic, then, that it should unveil its ambitious 'Purple to Green' project in the same week severe rains left parts of England under water.

The floods took a terrible toll on those affected, bringing death and destruction to their door. They also hit businesses, with some supermarkets forced to close. Pea growers face losing 10% of their crop and, although strawberries have survived thanks to polytunnels, surely many other harvests will be harmed.

All this tells us we are not immune to suffering from the kinds of natural disasters we might associate with more distant climes.

While they weren't on a par with New Orleans, what if the floods had been nationwide, and entire harvests were wiped out? Where would we turn to feed ourselves? The answer, of course, is to imports. And in the rush to, rightly, show preference for locally sourced products, we should remember it is never wise to put all of your eggs in one basket.