Sainsbury has been adding to the trend for informality in wines with a South African chardonnay called Rude Boy. And the labelling makes use of the latest heat sensitive technology to add a little excitement to the Rude Boy experience. Before the bottle is put in the fridge the label shows a bare man clad in a pair of white boxers. After chilling, he is stripped to reveal a red thong. Winemakers and retailers want to encourage younger consumers to move into wine. In addition to stripping away the formal barriers by providing accessible fruity styles, they are extending the informality to names and labels. The Sainsbury list also features Fat Bastard Chardonnay, Old Tart Sauvignon Blanc and Old Git Syrah ­ all from France. Sainsbury wine buyer Rachel Hibbert said Rude Boy was designed to appeal to young women and to attract non wine purchasers to the wine aisle. "Although it is a fun label it is not meant to be gimmicky and it offers good value for money. Repeat sales have shown that it has stacked up." She added: "We're certainly not interested in flashy labels with substandard wine in the bottles." Rude Boy retails at £4.49. {{DRINKS }}