Thorntons is bringing the pouches range from its high-street shops into the multiples for the first time to take on Cadbury and Nestlé's dominance of the sharing category.

The seven new SKUs roll into the multiples this week and include existing sharing bags such as Delightfully Soft Caramels and a new line called Chunky Chocolate Jumbles, a mix of fudge, raisins and toffee balls covered in milk chocolate (rsp: £1.49 to £1.89 ).

The range, which comes in brightly coloured packaging featuring humorous 'ooh I'm really gooey' and 'I'm really chewy slogans', was part of the company's strategy to challenge established retail brands, said Barry Bloomer, sales and operations director at Thorntons.

The premium chocolate-maker went head to head with Nestlé's Quality Street and Cadbury Roses last year with Moments, which was followed by the launch of Melts in April this year.